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How Chumz started ?

In the fall semester of 2014, I had a couple of textbooks that I tried to sell to the bookstores, but they were offering me next to nothing in return—$10 or $20 back for books I bought for about $150 and so on. Feeling discouraged, I decided to try to sell them online as an alternative and a found a website that bought them back for $50 and up per book (still only 1/3 of what I had spent).

I then started to wonder: if the bookstores are going to continue to drive prices upwards whilst keeping buy-back percentages low, why can’t we recycle the textbooks and resell them to other college students who would buy at a less expensive and negotiated prices? I immediately contacted Kareem Garriga, our technical writer, about this bare-bones idea and together, we conceived the implementation of a software platform where college students could buy,sell,swap, and rent their textbooks.

Chumz Mission Statement

Chumz offers a streamlined process for college students to maintain purchasing control while providing a secure and convenient method to obtain their textbooks.

What is Chumz ?

Chumz is a simple platform that facilitates textbook exchange whilst holding onto five key values: convenience for our users, affordability, partnership, communication, and user accessibility. Our services make it easier and safer for students to resell their textbooks.

Why Chumz?