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You can login via facebook or google to sign in and create and account
You can also create an account when you click on create an account
Enter in the ISBN number and everything else autofill , you could copy and paste it or scan the the ISBN number via the barcode on the book.
Upload multiple images of the book front and back to make sure it works
Minimum price – This is the lowest price you will accept the book for we recommend you set it below the suggested price as much as you would like.
Chum Price- This is the first offer you list the book for and buyers can either choose to try to go lower or higher than the chum price during the first bid.
This happens under rare circumstance if the weight is 0 you would have to manually measure the book and input the dimensions at this link http://www.bookmobile.com/book-weight-calculator/
Enter in your information such as bank account or Debit card number where the money will be disbursed after a transaction and also fill in the rest of the fields enter in your first name last name address, date of birth and whether you are an individual or Business
It will prompt you to enter in your Business Tax ID.
You go to your order page print out the shipping label stick it onto a box and drop it off at your nearest USPS Location
When Listing a book you select the free shipping check mark and you offer free shipping with that.
We deduct the shipping price + commission before you get your final pay How long does it take to get paid You get paid within 2-5 Business days
Go to your profile and select your school it will drop down
Go to your profile and enter in your shipping address
Go to your profile and enter your billing address
When you see a book you select whether you want to make an offer to lower the price by chumming down and then the negotiation begins and subsequent buyers can only make higher offers and chum-up until the time is elapsed.
You select buy now if it is available
You will get notified if you won.
You can see the current campus lobbies you are negotiating in at that time.
This where you can view the current status of the negotations.
You can track the shipping status to check if it has been shipped.
When you request to meetup after meeting up and exchanging the books you click on book received and then the seller gets paid.
Go to our contact us page and enter in the information and email us an issue
Go to our contact us page and report the issue right away and we will investigate and determine if that seller shipped the wrong book and give a status update
Our Refund Policy agreement is here